Dark Cloud Blues

Words and Music by: Michael Brondstetter  © 2013

1st verse
Married on a sunny day,
Never more to be that way
Walking down to the lake
Smiling like my belly aches
Changing gears to the left
Orchestrating my own theft
Preaching is so passé
That’s what others have to pay

2nd verse
Choosing, loosing gets so old
Boozing, schmoozing, being sold
Seeing, being, makes me cry
Sing a song, word are wrong
Act the part, or be gone
Reaching, grabbing, come up short
Launch this ship before they abort

3rd verse
Yea I know I’m getting on
And thing are going wrong
I stop and smile for a while
Then I walk another mile
Simmer, skimmer, cooking food
Serving up something rude
Look around quite profound
The kennel is for lost and found