PlayBuzz Review

“Based in the badlands of San Diego, CA, Michael Brondstetter wrote, recorded and released his first record, Iron Mountain. It’s an Americana amalgam of Folk and Blues roots that’s permeated with a strong Country and Western twang. San Diego is hardly known as a country music capital, so Brondstetter often takes to the road to perform wherever he can plug in, tune up and sing his songs. Iron Mountain opens with a tune titled Dark Cloud Blues. It’s as eerie and ominous as a killer storm brewing overhead with nary a place to hide, or to take shelter. Crunchy acoustic guitars come in on the upbeat and for the next two measures, along with some glissando Dobro slide guitar riffs, he tensely sets the stage.The effect is like how before you even see a flash of lighting you can taste the electricity and smell the ozone in the heavy, damp air you anticipate the appearance of the megawatt bolt. That sense of danger and dread prior to a tumultuous tempest you feel deep in the pit of your s”